Automatic Double-Cylinder Wheelset Press

Double-cylinder hydraulic press machine MUSCLE DUO KPRZ-800 can mount and dismount any type of wheelset with wheels, brake discs, gears and bearings. It is applied for different wheelsets (cargo, passengers, locomotive, trams, metro and ect.) with very high productivity.



- Assemble-dissassemble of any wheelset type
- Very high productivity
- Europian hydraulic Atos, Rexroth, Aston Seals 
- CNC Siemens, USB, Ethernet, printer report
- Fully automatic wheelset loading mode
- Laser measurement system

Standard Set

- Hydraulic press with pump unit
- Automatic loading carriage
- Distance control panel
- Electronic Curve Register Device
- Automatic CNC software “Press-Vagon-E”
- Automatic mounting control system
- Mounting and dismounting accessories set


- Pre-assembling wheelset stand
- Safety barriers
- Printer for report

ParametersMuscle DUO KPRZ-800
Purpose pressing-in /pressing out
Wheelset Types locomotive, cargo, passengers, trams, metro ect.
Capacity, ton 400+400
Rod Stroke, mm 1000+1000
Speed, mm/sec    
- Advance Speed 14
- Working Speed 1...3
Maximum Wheel Diameter, mm 1250
Maximum Axis Length, mm 2520
Wheelset Weight, kg 3500
Linear Accuracy, mm ±0,2
Measuring Accuracy, mm ±0,1
Main drive power, kW 30
Approximate weight, kg 19000
Loco Wheelset Assembling Time, min 12-15
Price, EURO request


The quality of press conjunction of railway wheels is estimated using diagram of pressing-in, that is why the press has a device for recording diagram “pressure-space”.

The press is equipped with controller, which allows programming the main technological parameters, authorizing users, saving in memory all relevant operator’s actions, etc.

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